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src/s/h/shedskin-HEAD/shedskin/cpp.py   shedskin(Download)
from error import error
from extmod import convert_methods, convert_methods2, do_extmod, pyinit_func
from infer import analyze_callfunc, callfunc_targets, connect_actual_formal, \
    called, inode, var_types
from makefile import generate_makefile
                if self.mergeinh[var]:
                    ts = [t for t in self.mergeinh[default] if isinstance(t[0], Function)]
                    if not ts or [t for t in ts if called(t[0])]:
                        self.start('default_%d = ' % nr)
                        self.visit_conv(default, self.mergeinh[var], None)
    def inhcpa(self, func):
        return called(func) or (func in self.gx.inheritance_relations and [1 for f in self.gx.inheritance_relations[func] if called(f)])
    def visitSlice(self, node, func=None):
        if node.flags == 'OP_DELETE':

src/s/h/shedskin-HEAD/shedskin/virtual.py   shedskin(Download)
        if not subclasses:
        if ident in cl.funcs and infer.called(cl.funcs[ident]):
            subclasses = subclasses.copy()

src/s/h/shedskin-HEAD/shedskin/extmod.py   shedskin(Download)
from infer import called
from python import Class, def_class, Module
from typestr import ExtmodError, nodetypestr, singletype2
def supported_funcs(gx, gv, funcs):
    supported = []
    for func in funcs:
        if func.isGenerator or not called(func):
def has_method(cl, name):  # XXX shared.py
    return name in cl.funcs and not cl.funcs[name].invisible and not cl.funcs[name].inherited and called(cl.funcs[name])
def do_add_globals(gx, gv, classes, __ss_mod):