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src/s/h/shedskin-HEAD/shedskin/graph.py   shedskin(Download)
from error import error
from infer import inode, in_out, CNode, default_var, register_temp_var
from python import StaticClass, lookup_func, Function, is_zip2, \
    lookup_class, is_method, is_literal, is_enum, lookup_var, assign_rec, \
        fakefunc.lineno = objexpr.lineno
        self.visit(fakefunc, func)
        self.add_constraint((inode(self.gx, fakefunc), newnode), func)
        inode(self.gx, objexpr).fakefunc = fakefunc
        self.gx.types[fakechildnode] = set()
        self.add_constraint((inode(self.gx, parent), fakechildnode), func)  # add constraint from parent to fake child node. if parent changes, all fake child nodes change, and the callfunc for each child node is triggered
        self.gx.genexp_to_lc[node] = lc
        self.visit(lc, func)
        self.add_constraint((inode(self.gx, lc), newnode), func)
    def visitStmt(self, node, func=None):

src/s/h/shedskin-HEAD/shedskin/cpp.py   shedskin(Download)
from error import error
from extmod import convert_methods, convert_methods2, do_extmod, pyinit_func
from infer import analyze_callfunc, callfunc_targets, connect_actual_formal, \
    called, inode, var_types
from makefile import generate_makefile

src/s/h/shedskin-HEAD/shedskin/annotate.py   shedskin(Download)
    Getattr, Dict, Print, Return, Printnl, Name, List, Tuple, ListComp
from infer import inode
from python import assign_rec
from typestr import nodetypestr