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src/s/h/shedskin-HEAD/shedskin/cpp.py   shedskin(Download)
from error import error
from extmod import convert_methods, convert_methods2, do_extmod, pyinit_func
from infer import analyze_callfunc, callfunc_targets, connect_actual_formal, \
    called, inode, var_types
from makefile import generate_makefile
                    if name == '*':
                        for var in module.mv.globals.values():
                            if not var.invisible and not var.imported and not var.name.startswith('__') and var_types(self.gx, var):
                                self.start(self.namer.nokeywords(var.name) + ' = ' + module.full_path() + '::' + self.namer.nokeywords(var.name))
                    elif pseudonym in self.module.mv.globals and not [t for t in var_types(self.gx, self.module.mv.globals[pseudonym]) if isinstance(t[0], Module)]: