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src/i/w/iw.fss-2.8.0rc5/iw/fss/browser/controlpanel.py   iw.fss(Download)
from iw.fss.interfaces import IConf
from iw.fss.zcml import patchedTypesRegistry
from iw.fss.migration import Migrator
        do_log = bool(REQUEST.get('logtomigration', False))
        commit_every = REQUEST.get('transactioncount')
        migrator = Migrator(getSite(), do_log, commit_every)
        count = migrator.migrateToFSS()
        results = {

src/i/w/iw.fss-2.8.0rc5/iw/fss/tests/testFSS.py   iw.fss(Download)
import iw.fss
from iw.fss.interfaces import IConf
from iw.fss.migration import Migrator
from iw.fss.utils import objectImplements
        # We process the migration
        migrator = Migrator(self.portal)