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returns current folder's url

        def get_svn_url():
    """returns current folder's url"""
    svn_info = command('svn info')
    for element in svn_info:
        if element.startswith('URL'):
            return element.split(':', 1)[-1].strip()
    raise ReleaseError('could not find svn info')

src/i/w/iw.releaser-0.4.1/iw/releaser/project.py   iw.releaser(Download)
    # were are we ?
    url = base.get_svn_url()
    # let's get the releases base folder

src/i/w/iw.releaser-0.4.1/iw/releaser/packet.py   iw.releaser(Download)
def _get_svn_paths():
    """return paths"""
    version = get_version()
    url = base.get_svn_url() 
    trunk = url