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make a dir if not existing

        def svn_mkdir(url): 
    """make a dir if not existing"""
    if not check_command('svn ls %s' % url):
        # creating the folder 
        if not check_command('svn mkdir %s -m "creating folder"' % url):
            raise ReleaseError('could not create the directory %s' % url)

src/i/w/iw.releaser-0.4.1/iw/releaser/project.py   iw.releaser(Download)
    # creates it if not found
    # and the current version

src/i/w/iw.releaser-0.4.1/iw/releaser/packet.py   iw.releaser(Download)
    # checking if tag_root and branch_root exists 
    for branch_ in (tag_root, branch_root):
    # checking if the branch exists, if so, override it