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dict() -> new empty dictionary
dict(mapping) -> new dictionary initialized from a mapping object's
    (key, value) pairs
dict(iterable) -> new dictionary initialized as if via:
    d = {}
    for k, v in iterable:
        d[k] = v
dict(**kwargs) -> new dictionary initialized with the name=value pairs
    in the keyword argument list.  For example:  dict(one=1, two=2)

src/k/a/karesansui-HEAD/karesansui/gadget/hostby1watchtemplate.py   karesansui(Download)
from karesansui.lib.rest import Rest, auth
from karesansui.lib.utils import read_file, json_dumps
from karesansui.lib.const import TEMPLATE_DIR, \
        template_dir = "%s/%s" % (TEMPLATE_DIR,lang[0:2],)
        mail_template_warning = read_file("%s/%s" % (template_dir,MAIL_TEMPLATE_COLLECTD_WARNING[target]))
        mail_template_failure = read_file("%s/%s" % (template_dir,MAIL_TEMPLATE_COLLECTD_FAILURE[target]))
        mail_template_okay = read_file("%s/%s" % (template_dir,MAIL_TEMPLATE_COLLECTD_OKAY[target]))