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str(object='') -> string

Return a nice string representation of the object.
If the argument is a string, the return value is the same object.

src/p/y/python-kmos-0.3.6/kmos/gui/forms.py   python-kmos(Download)
# own modules
from kmos.config import GLADEFILE
from kmos.utils import CorrectlyNamed, \
                       get_ase_constructor, \
    output but is typically not needed.
    gladefile = GLADEFILE
    toplevel_name = 'meta_form'
    widgets = ['author', 'email', 'model_name', 'model_dimension', 'debug', ]
    nothing else is set on a per site basis.
    gladefile = GLADEFILE
    toplevel_name = 'species_list_form'
    widgets = ['default_species']
    that will show up in the ASE visualization.
    gladefile = GLADEFILE
    toplevel_name = 'species_form'
    widgets = ['name', 'color', 'representation']
    the `kmos view` front end while watching the model run.
    gladefile = GLADEFILE
    toplevel_name = 'parameter_form'
    widgets = ['parameter_name',

src/p/y/python-kmos-0.3.6/kmos/gui/__init__.py   python-kmos(Download)
                       ParameterForm, ProcessForm, BatchProcessForm, \
                       SpeciesForm, SpeciesListForm, LatticeForm
from kmos.config import GLADEFILE
import kmos.io
class Editor(GladeDelegate):
    """The editor GUI frontend."""
    widgets = ['workarea', 'statbar', 'vbox1']
    gladefile = GLADEFILE
    toplevel_name = 'main_window'