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src/k/n/kninfra-HEAD/kn/leden/views.py   kninfra(Download)
    if ('secretariaat' in request.user.cached_groups_names
            and (e.is_group or e.is_user)):
        groups = [g for g in Es.groups() if not g.is_virtual]
        groups.sort(cmp=lambda x,y: cmp(unicode(x.humanName),

src/k/n/kninfra-HEAD/kn/utils/giedo/unix.py   kninfra(Download)
    # Get all groups and create a look-up-table for group membership
    gs = tuple(Es.groups())
    mrels = Es.query_relations(how=None, _with=gs, _from=dt_now,

src/k/n/kninfra-HEAD/kn/utils/giedo/mailman.py   kninfra(Download)
    # groups.
    dt_now = now()
    mm_groups = [g for g in Es.groups() if g.got_mailman_list]
    mm_rels = Es.query_relations(_with=mm_groups, how=None, _from=dt_now,
            until=dt_now, deref_who=True)