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src/k/n/kninfra-HEAD/utils/leden/check-other.py   kninfra(Download)
def check_namespace():
    print "NAMESPACE"
    cn = set(map(lambda c: c.name,
        filter(lambda c: not c.isVirtual, OldKnGroup.objects.all())))
    un = set(map(lambda m: m.username, OldKnUser.objects.all()))
def check_commissions():
    print "COMMISSIONS"
    for c in OldKnGroup.objects.all():
        if len(c.description) < 15:
            print "%s: description too short (<15)" % c.name

src/k/n/kninfra-HEAD/utils/leden/group-email.py   kninfra(Download)
def group_email():
    with open('group-email.template', 'r') as f:
        templ = f.read()
    Gs = OldKnGroup.objects.all()
    glut = dict()