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src/d/e/deap-1.0.1/examples/ga/evoknn.py   deap(Download)
import numpy
import knn
from deap import algorithms
from deap import base
from deap import creator
from deap import tools
# kNN parameters
import knn

src/d/e/deap-1.0.1/examples/ga/evoknn_jmlr.py   deap(Download)
#    License along with DEAP. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
import knn, random
from deap import algorithms, base, creator, tools

src/h/y/hydrat-0.9.5/src/hydrat/classifier/__init__.py   hydrat(Download)
# Imports of classifier modules 
import abstract
import SVM
import knn
import maxent

src/q/s/QSTK-0.2.7/QSTK/qstklearn/1knn.py   QSTK(Download)
import numpy as np
import math
import knn
from time import clock

src/n/n/nnutils-HEAD/monte/arch/__init__.py   nnutils(Download)
import autoencoder
import crf
import kmeans
import knn
import lasso

src/a/d/ad-eval-HEAD/anomaly_detection/evaluators/__init__.py   ad-eval(Download)
import knn
import svm
import distances