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knn = KNNClassifier()

A generic KNN classifier with no a-priori
notion of documents. It simply stores all
vectors at training time.

sc = knn.score(vec, labels)

src/h/y/hydrat-0.9.5/src/hydrat/classifier/nearest_prototype.py   hydrat(Download)
import hydrat.common.distance_metrics as dm
import hydrat.common.prototype as p
from abstract import Learner
from knn import KNNClassifier
from nnstrategy import OneNN
                                                , class_map 
    return KNNClassifier( p_fv
                        , p_cv
                        , self.distance_metric

src/m/e/Mekano-HEAD/mekano/ml/__init__.py   Mekano(Download)
"""Machine learning tools."""
from knn import KNNClassifier
from logreg import LogisticRegressionClassifier
from multiclassifier import MultiClassifier