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Disk And Execution MONitor (Daemon)

Configurable daemon behaviors:

   1.) The current working directory set to the "/" directory.
   2.) The current file creation mode mask set to 0.
   3.) Close all open files (1024). 
   4.) Redirect standard I/O streams to "/dev/null".

A failed call to fork() now raises an exception.(more...)

src/k/n/knockknock-HEAD/knockknock-proxy.py   knockknock(Download)
from knockknock.proxy.SocksRequestHandler import SocksRequestHandler
import knockknock.daemonize
class ProxyServer(asyncore.dispatcher):

src/k/n/knockknock-HEAD/knockknock-daemon.py   knockknock(Download)
from knockknock.KnockWatcher import KnockWatcher
import knockknock.daemonize
def checkPrivileges():