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src/l/a/lacore-0.1.3/lacore/dumper/__init__.py   lacore(Download)
from lacore.exceptions import InvalidArchiveError
from lacore.cipher import get_cipher
from lacore.crypt import CryptIO
from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod
from shutil import copyfileobj
            with StreamSource(self.end(), self.uploader(), self.chunk) as dest:
                cipher = get_cipher(self.docs['archive'], self.docs['cert'])
                with CryptIO(dest, cipher, hashobj=self.hashobj) as fdst:
                    for result in self.archive(items, fdst, cb):
                        yield result
            with StreamSource(self.verify(),
                              self.uploader(), self.chunk) as dest:
                with CryptIO(infile, cipher,
                             hashobj=self.hashobj, mode='rb') as cf:
                    copyfileobj(cf, dest, chunk)

src/l/a/lacore-0.1.3/lacore/archive/__init__.py   lacore(Download)
from tempfile import NamedTemporaryFile
from lacore.crypt import CryptIO
from lacore.cipher import get_cipher
from shutil import copyfileobj
from zipfile import ZipFile
def restore_archive(archive, path, cert, folder, tmpdir, cb=None):
    cipher = get_cipher(archive, cert)
    with open(path, 'rb') as infile:
        with NamedTemporaryFile() as dst:
            with CryptIO(infile, cipher) as cf:

src/l/a/lacore-0.1.3/lacore/t/test_crypt.py   lacore(Download)
    def _makeit(self, *args, **kwargs):
        from lacore.crypt import CryptIO
        return CryptIO(*args, **kwargs)
    def _mockfile(self, mode='rb', data=[]):