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src/l/a/lacore-0.1.3/lacore/crypt.py   lacore(Download)
from io import BufferedIOBase
from errno import EBADF
from lacore.exceptions import DecryptionError
READ, WRITE = 1, 2
    def __exit__(self, eType, eValue, eTrace):
        super(CryptIO, self).__exit__(eType, eValue, eTrace)
        if eType and self.mode == READ:
            raise DecryptionError(eValue)

src/l/a/lacore-0.1.3/lacore/t/test_crypt.py   lacore(Download)
    def test_read_context_exc(self):
        from lacore.exceptions import DecryptionError
        import StringIO
        f = StringIO.StringIO()
        ciph = self._makecipher()