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src/l/a/lacore-0.1.3/lacore/api.py   lacore(Download)
from urlparse import urljoin
from lacore import get_client_info
from lacore.decorators import cached_property, contains
from lacore.async import deferred_property, block
from lacore.exceptions import (ApiAuthException, UploadEmptyError,
    def finalize(self, auth=None, keys=[]):
        if self.uri is None:
            raise UploadEmptyError(
                reason="Attempt to finalize upload that hasn't started")
        patch = {'status': 'uploaded', 'size': self.archive.meta.size,

src/l/o/longaccess-client-HEAD/lacli/pool.py   longaccess-client(Download)
from lacli.nice import with_low_priority
from lacli.source.chunked import ChunkedFile
from lacore.exceptions import UploadEmptyError
from lacli.exceptions import (WorkerFailureError, PauseEvent,
        if not etags:
            raise UploadEmptyError()
        if hasattr(self.upload, 'complete_upload'):

src/l/o/longaccess-client-HEAD/lacli/t/test_pool.py   longaccess-client(Download)
        source = Mock(chunks=1, isfile=True)
        mp = self._makeit(Mock(), source, 'foo')
        from lacore.exceptions import UploadEmptyError
        self.assertRaises(UploadEmptyError, mp.get_result, rs)

src/l/a/lacore-0.1.3/lacore/t/test_api.py   lacore(Download)
from testtools import TestCase, ExpectedException
from mock import Mock, patch
from itertools import repeat
from . import makeprefs
from lacore.exceptions import (ApiAuthException, ApiErrorException,