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src/l/a/lai-client-HEAD/lai/document.py   lai-client(Download)
from lai import config
from lai.data import Data
import json
    def __setitem__(self, key, value):
        if key in self.VALID_ATTRS:
            if key == 'data' and (value is not None and type(value) != Data):
                if type(value) == dict:
                    value = Data(**value)
                elif type(value) in (str, unicode):
                        d = json.loads(value)
                        value = Data(**d)
                        value = Data(**d)
                    except ValueError:
                        value = Data(value)
                    value = Data(value)

src/l/a/lai-client-HEAD/lai/__init__.py   lai-client(Download)
from lai.document import Document
from lai.database import Database
from lai.data import Data
prog = 'lai'