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A simple, extendable handler for logging. Initialize with a function. 
That function will be called to log events. 

src/l/o/loghandlersplus-HEAD/src/failsafehandler.py   loghandlersplus(Download)
import logging
import logging.handlers
import time
from lambdahandler import LambdaHandler
        handlers_called.append("["+name+"]finish rtimeout: " + x)
    mainhandlerok = LambdaHandler(lambda x: f_handlerok("main", x))
    mainhandlerbad = LambdaHandler(lambda x: f_handlerbad("main", x))
    mainhandlertimeout = LambdaHandler(lambda x: f_handlertimeout("main", x))
    mainhandlerusuallytimeout = LambdaHandler(lambda x: f_handlertimeout("main", x) if x!='okay' else f_handlerok("main", x))