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        def send(text, number = '447909547990'):

	username = "aquarion"
	password = "[INSERT PASSWORD]"

	message = urllib.quote(text)
	url = "http://www.bulksms.co.uk:5567/eapi/submission/send_sms/1/current?username=%s&password=%s&message=%s&msisdn=%s&msg_class=2" % (username, password, message, number)
	fp = urllib.urlopen(url)
	response = fp.read(1024)
	logp = open('/tmp/smsthis.txt', 'a')
	logp.write('Response: %s Message %s' % (response, message))

src/l/a/lampstand-HEAD/lampstand.py   lampstand(Download)
	def clientConnectionLost(self, connector, reason):
		"""If we get disconnected, reconnect to server."""
		sms.send('Lampstand: HAZ NO CONEXON')
		#Todo: Implement backoff
		time.sleep(45) # Our very own fourty five second claim.