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src/c/h/chirp-1.2.2/chirp/common/signal.py   chirp(Download)
    def linspect(self, signal, Fs, nfft=None):
        """ Calculate the spectrogram on a linear power scale.  """
        import numpy as nx
        from libtfr import stft, tfr_spec, tgrid
        shift = int(self.options['window_shift'] * Fs)
                raise Error("invalid window function {}: {}".format(self.options['spec_method'], e))
            S = stft(signal, w, shift, nfft)
        t = tgrid(S, Fs, shift)   # [:S.shape[1]]
        extent = (0, t[-1], 0, Fs / 2)
        return S, extent

src/c/h/chirp-1.2.2/chirp/pitch/tracker.py   chirp(Download)
                               options['tfr_order'], options['tfr_tm'], options['tfr_flock'],
                               options['tfr_tlock'], fgrid=self.template.fgrid)
        return spec, libtfr.tgrid(spec, Fs, options['shift']), self.template.fgrid * Fs
    def spectrogram_options_str(self):