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src/s/u/SublimeLinter3-HEAD/commands.py   SublimeLinter3(Download)
        # Otherwise wrap to the first/last error line unless settings disallow that.
        if region_to_select is None and ((len(regions) > 1 or not regions[0].contains(point))):
            if persist.settings.get('wrap_find', True):
                region_to_select = regions[0] if direction == 'next' else regions[-1]
        if persist.settings.has_setting(args['setting']):
            setting = persist.settings.get(args['setting'], None)
            return setting is not None and setting is not args['value']
    def is_checked(self, **args):
        """Return True if the setting should be checked."""
        if args.get('checked', False):
            setting = persist.settings.get(args['setting'], False)
            return setting is True
                persist.settings.set(args['setting'], args['value'], changed=True)
            setting = persist.settings.get(args['setting'], False)
            persist.settings.set(args['setting'], not setting, changed=True)
    def setting_value(self, matching=False):
        """Return the current value of the setting."""
        return self.transform_setting(persist.settings.get(self.setting, ''), matching=matching)
    def on_highlight(self, index):

src/s/u/SublimeLinter3-HEAD/sublimelinter.py   SublimeLinter3(Download)
            syntax_changed = False
        if syntax_changed or persist.settings.get('lint_mode', 'background') == 'background':
            if persist.settings.get('lint_mode', 'background') in ('background', 'load/save'):
                syntax_changed = self.check_syntax(view)
                vid = view.id()
                mode = persist.settings.get('lint_mode', 'background')
                show_errors = persist.settings.get('show_errors_on_save', False)