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Add a problem to the review.

If position is not supplied the diff collection will be scanned
and the line numbers diff offset will be fetched from there.

src/l/i/lint-review-HEAD/tests/test_review.py   lint-review(Download)
        filename_2 = "View/Helper/AssetCompressHelper.php"
        problems.add(filename_1, 87, 'A pithy remark')
        problems.add(filename_1, 87, 'Something different')
        problems.add(filename_2, 88, 'I <3 it')
        problems.add(filename_2, 89, 'Not such a good comment')
    def test_add__with_base_path(self):
        problems = Problems('/some/path/')
        problems.add('/some/path/file.py', 10, 'Not good')
        eq_([], problems.all('/some/path/file.py'))
        eq_(1, len(problems.all('file.py')))