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 Linux is Posix and that means all filenames are stored as byte strings
 "Unlike Windows NT/2000/XP, which always store filenames in Unicode format, 
  POSIX systems (including Linux) always store filenames as binary strings. 
  This is somewhat more flexible, since the operating system itself doesn't 
  have to know (or care) what encoding is used for filenames. The downside 
  is that the user is responsible for setting up their environment 
  ("locale") for the proper coding."

 On Linux: os.path.supports_unicode_filename is always == True(more...)

src/f/o/fontypython-0.4.3/fontypythonmodules/fpsys.py   fontypython(Download)
import sys, os, pickle
import linux_safe_path_library
LSP = linux_safe_path_library.linuxSafePath()