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src/s/a/sage-HEAD/src/sage/interfaces/all.py   sage(Download)
from gnuplot import gnuplot, gnuplot_console
from kash import  kash, kash_console, kash_version, is_KashElement, Kash
from lisp import lisp, lisp_console, Lisp
from magma import magma, magma_console, magma_version, Magma, is_MagmaElement
from magma_free import magma_free

src/l/i/lithp-HEAD/src/py/lithp.py   lithp(Download)
from atom import TRUE
from atom import FALSE
from lisp import Lisp
from reader import Reader
from error import Error
class Lithp(Lisp):
    """ The Lithper class is the interpreter driver.  It does the following:
            1. Initialize the global environment
            2. Parse the cl arguments and act on them as appropriate
            3. Initialize the base Lisp functions

src/l/i/lithp-HEAD/src/py/reader.py   lithp(Download)
from atom import Symbol, String
from number import Number, Integral, LongInt, Float
from lisp import Lisp
from seq import List