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src/o/p/OpenPGP-0.2.3/src/openpgp/sap/api.py   OpenPGP(Download)
from openpgp.sap.exceptions import *
from list import list_as_signed, list_msgs, find_keys, find_key_prefs, deliteralize
from armory import looks_armored, list_armored, apply_armor
from pkt.Packet import create_Packet
        encpkt = CRYPT.encrypt_integrity(alg_sym, enckey, d_string)
        encmsg = list_msgs(pkts)[0]
        saplog.info("Encrypted message to %r recipients." % (len(pkts) - 1))
        onepassbody = create_OnePassSignatureBody(op_opts)
        onepasspkt = create_Packet(PKT_ONEPASS, onepassbody._d)
        sigmsg = list_msgs([onepasspkt] + msg._seq + [sigpkt])[0]
    elif msg.type in MSG_KEYS: