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src/e/d/Editra-0.7.20/src/ed_basestc.py   Editra(Download)
        # TODO: this should be handled by the autocomp service
        if '?' in kwlist:
            kwlist.replace('?', '')
        kwlist = kwlist.split()         # Split into a list of words

src/f/i/FileInsight-plugins-HEAD/XOR hex search/main.py   FileInsight-plugins(Download)
offset = getSelectionOffset()
keyword = showSimpleDialog("Search keyword (in hex):")
keyword = keyword.replace("0x", "")
disp_keyword = "0x" + keyword.lower()
keyword = list(binascii.unhexlify(keyword))

src/c/l/clusterDbAnalysis-HEAD/src/db_getBlastResultsBetweenSpecificOrganisms.py   clusterDbAnalysis(Download)
# We need to remove any \ in the inputs so that they dont appear in the SQL query.
# SQL doesn't understand escape characters.
teststr = [ s.replace("\\", "") for s in teststr ]
con = sqlite3.connect(locateDatabase())