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src/e/m/emzed-2.2.3/emzed/core/r_connect/patched_pyper.py   emzed(Download)
    if len(ary.shape) > 1:
        ary = ary.reshape(reduce(lambda a, b=1: a * b, ary.shape))
    ary = tp == 'b' and [a and 'TRUE' or 'FALSE' for a in ary] or ary.tolist()
    if tp != 'V':
        rary = repr(ary)[1:-1]

src/p/y/PypeR-1.1.2/pyper.py   PypeR(Download)
    if len(ary.shape) > 1:
        ary = ary.reshape(reduce(lambda a,b=1: a*b, ary.shape))
    ary = ary.tolist()
    if tp != 'V':
        return(_tpdic.get(tp, 'c(%s)') % SeqStr(ary, enclose=False))

src/s/e/SelectScript_OpenRAVE-1/SelectScript_OpenRAVE/ssFunction.py   SelectScript_OpenRAVE(Download)
def _sensingEnvironmentIDs(sensor):
    if not _isSensor(sensor):
        return None
    res = sensor.SendCommand('collidingbodies')
    res = list(set(res.tolist()))

src/s/c/scipy-0.13.3/scipy/spatial/tests/test_qhull.py   scipy(Download)
def assert_unordered_tuple_list_equal(a, b, tpl=tuple):
    if isinstance(a, np.ndarray):
        a = a.tolist()
    if isinstance(b, np.ndarray):
        b = b.tolist()