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src/k/a/ka-lite-HEAD/kalite/control_panel/views.py   ka-lite(Download)
    # Force results in a single query
    exercise_logs = list(exercise_logs.values("exercise_id", "user__pk"))
    video_logs = list(video_logs.values("video_id", "user__pk"))
    login_logs = list(login_logs.values("activity_type", "total_seconds", "user__pk"))

src/g/e/getopinionated-HEAD/proposing/management/commands/updatevoting.py   getopinionated(Download)
        validproxies = proxies.filter(tags__in = proposal.tags.all()).filter(isdefault=False)
        #select default edges from delegating people not in the previous set
        validproxies = validproxies | (proxies.filter(isdefault=True).exclude(delegating__in = validproxies.values('delegating')))
        #logged_in_users = CustomUser.objects.all().exclude()
        # TODO@Jonas: Work in progress on filtering old users

src/a/r/archweb-HEAD/packages/utils.py   archweb(Download)
    if isinstance(packages, QuerySet):
        pkgbases = packages.values('pkgbase')
        packages = list(packages)

src/c/g/cgat-HEAD/scripts/gff2plot.py   cgat(Download)
def layoutTracks(tracks):
    """layout tracks."""
    # combine subtracks - these are ordered by appearance
    for track in tracks.values():
    # sort by priority and compute heights
    total_width = sum(map(lambda x: x.height, tracks.values()))
    # convert to list - this is the order in which the tracks will
    # be output
    tracks = list(tracks.values())

src/k/n/kninfra-HEAD/kn/planning/views.py   kninfra(Download)
                    vacancy.suggestions.append({'scorer': scorer, 'score': score})
    events = list(events.values())
    events.sort(key=lambda e: e['date'])
    return render_to_response('planning/manage.html',

src/p/y/pyggs-HEAD/plugins/gccz_myratings_top10.py   pyggs(Download)
        caches = list(caches.values())
        caches.sort(key=lambda x: int(x["myrating"]) + (int(x["rating"]) - int(x["deviation"])/1000)/1000, reverse=True)
        return caches

src/i/s/isan-HEAD/isan/tagging/cws.py   isan(Download)
        cands=list((k,v-s)for k,v in cands.items() if v+threshold>s)

src/p/y/PyMVPA-HEAD/mvpa2/base/hdf5.py   PyMVPA(Download)
                debug('HDF5', "Store dict as zipped list")
            # need to set noid since outer tuple containers are temporary
            _seqitems_to_hdf(zip(obj.keys(), obj.values()), grp, memo,
                             noid=True, **kwargs)
            grp['items'].attrs.create('__keys_in_tuple__', 1)

src/s/y/sympy-HEAD/sympy/utilities/iterables.py   sympy(Download)
    if g is None:
        if type(m) is dict:
            if n > sum(m.values()):
            g = [[k, m[k]] for k in ordered(m)]

src/h/o/holland-HEAD/holland/commands/help.py   holland(Download)
                print "Available Commands:"
                commands = list(set(commands.values()))
                commands.sort(lambda x,y: cmp(x.name, y.name))
                for cls in commands:

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