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src/c/a/Camelot-13.04.13-gpl-pyqt/camelot/admin/action/form_action.py   Camelot(Download)
    the python object is an instance of as Action, it is kept as is.
    from list_action import CallMethod
    def object_to_action( o ):
        if isinstance( o, Action ):
            return o
        return CallMethod( o[0], o[1] )

src/c/a/Camelot-13.04.13-gpl-pyqt/camelot/admin/action/__init__.py   Camelot(Download)
                              DocumentActionModelContext )
from form_action import ( FormActionGuiContext, FormActionModelContext )
from list_action import ( ListActionGuiContext, ListActionModelContext, 
                          CallMethod, OpenFormView )