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This extends the Tweepy StreamListener to avoid
closing the streaming connection when certain bad events occur.

Also skips construction of Tweepy's "Status" object since you might
 use your own class anyway. Just leaves it a parsed JSON object.

Extending this would allow more conscientious handling of rate
 limit messages or other errors, for example.

src/t/w/twitter-monitor-0.2.1/twitter_monitor/basic_stream.py   twitter-monitor(Download)
import tweepy
from listener import JsonStreamListener
from checker import FileTermChecker
from stream import DynamicTwitterStream
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class PrintingListener(JsonStreamListener):

src/t/w/twitter-monitor-0.2.1/twitter_monitor/__init__.py   twitter-monitor(Download)
from checker import TermChecker
from stream import DynamicTwitterStream
from listener import JsonStreamListener
__all__ = ['DynamicTwitterStream', 'JsonStreamListener', 'TermChecker']