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Forwards method calls to a set of added objects

src/t/e/testfarm-2.0/testfarm/v1/task.py   testfarm(Download)
import os, time, sys, subprocess, tempfile
from listeners import NullResultListener, MultiListener, ConsoleResultListener
import testfarm.utils as utils
	def do_checking_for_new_commits(self, listeners, verbose=False):
		"Checks if there is a new commit in the version control system"
		listener = MultiListener(listeners)
		if not self._has_new_commits(verbose) :
	def do_subtasks( self, listeners = [ NullResultListener() ], verbose=False):
		"Executes all subtasks and sends results"
		listener = MultiListener(listeners)
		all_ok = True
		failed_subtasks = []
	def stop_execution_gently(self, listeners = []): # TODO : Refactor, only for ServerListener
		"Asks listeners to stop the task execution gently if the execution was aborted by user"
		listener = MultiListener(listeners)