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src/f/r/frescobaldi-HEAD/frescobaldi_app/vcs/menu.py   frescobaldi(Download)
import app
import mainwindow
import plugin
import vcs

src/f/r/frescobaldi-HEAD/frescobaldi_app/remote/api.py   frescobaldi(Download)
        if win not in app.windows:
            if not app.windows:
                import mainwindow
            win = app.windows[0]

src/f/r/frescobaldi-HEAD/frescobaldi_app/macosx/globalmenu.py   frescobaldi(Download)
def mainwindow():
    """Create, show() and return a new MainWindow."""
    import mainwindow
    w = mainwindow.MainWindow()

src/f/r/frescobaldi-HEAD/frescobaldi_app/macosx/file_open_eventhandler.py   frescobaldi(Download)
    if not app.windows:
        import mainwindow
    win = QApplication.activeWindow()

src/f/r/frescobaldi-HEAD/frescobaldi_app/session.py   frescobaldi(Download)
### Continued here if normally imported
import mainwindow
def sessionKey():

src/f/r/frescobaldi-HEAD/frescobaldi_app/main.py   frescobaldi(Download)
    QTimer.singleShot(0, remote.setup)  # Start listening for IPC
    import mainwindow       # contains MainWindow class
    import session          # Initialize QSessionManager support
    import sessions         # Initialize our own named session support

src/f/r/frescobaldi-HEAD/export-help.py   frescobaldi(Download)
# create a MainWindow because of the keyboard shortcuts!
import mainwindow
w = mainwindow.MainWindow()

src/s/w/SWMM5_EA-   SWMM5_EA(Download)
import mainwindow
import swmmeaproject
from guiqwt.builder import make

src/p/i/Pida-HEAD/src/main.py   Pida(Download)
# Pida
import base
import mainwindow
import gtkextra
import firstrun

src/d/a/danbooru-client-HEAD/danbooru/danbooru_client.py   danbooru-client(Download)
from PyKDE4.kdeui import KApplication
import mainwindow

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