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Support of custom management commands for rororo framework.

src/w/e/weblabdeusto-HEAD/server/src/weblab/experiment/devices/vm/__init__.py   weblabdeusto(Download)
import manager as VirtualMachineManager
import dummy as VirtualMachineDummy
import virtualbox as VirtualBox

src/s/p/spambayes-1.1b1/Outlook2000/addin.py   spambayes(Download)
                    mgr.LogDebug(2, "Emptying spam from folder '%s'" % \
                    import manager
        # Our error reporter is in the "manager" module, so we get that first
        locale.setlocale(locale.LC_NUMERIC, "C") # see locale comments above
        import manager
            self.application = application

src/w/e/weblabdeusto-HEAD/server/src/experiments/vm/user_manager/__init__.py   weblabdeusto(Download)
import manager as UserManager
import dummy as DummyUserManager
import http as HttpQueryUserManager

src/s/p/spambayes-1.1b1/Outlook2000/dialogs/FolderSelector.py   spambayes(Download)
def Test():
    single_select =False
    import sys, os
    sys.path.append(os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0]), "..")))
    import manager

src/s/p/spambayes-1.1b1/Outlook2000/dialogs/dialog_map.py   spambayes(Download)
def WizardTrainer(mgr, config, progress):
    import os, manager, train
    bayes_base = os.path.join(mgr.data_directory, "$sbwiz$default_bayes_database")
    mdb_base = os.path.join(mgr.data_directory, "$sbwiz$default_message_database")
    fnames = []

src/e/v/evasion-agency-1.1.5/lib/evasion/agency/__init__.py   evasion-agency(Download)
import agency
import agents
import manager
from agency import *
from manager import ManagerError

src/e/v/evasion-agency-1.1.5/lib/evasion/agency/agency.py   evasion-agency(Download)
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import logging
import itertools
import manager

src/a/j/ajenti-   ajenti(Download)
def init():
    import api
    import manager
    import main
    import tasks

src/a/j/ajenti-   ajenti(Download)
# coding=utf-8
from ajenti.api import plugin, BasePlugin
from ajenti.plugins.configurator.api import ClassConfigEditor
import manager

src/e/v/evasion-director-1.1.6/lib/evasion/agency/__init__.py   evasion-director(Download)
import agency
import agents
import manager
from agency import *
from manager import ManagerError

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