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src/l/c/lccc_mapper-0.0.2/lccc_mapper/__init__.py   lccc_mapper(Download)
# coding: utf-8
import mapper
def locale_to_country_code(locale):
    return locale[locale.rfind('_')+1:] if '_' in locale else locale

src/p/y/PyHCUP-   PyHCUP(Download)
#specify modules here mostly for the benefit of dev environments
#otherwise some will offer crazy stuff for tab-completion and the like
import db, hachoir, mapper, meta, parser, pd, sas, tx
from parser import read, replace_sentinels, default_uflaggers, UtilizationFlagger
from sas import meta_from_sas

src/m/c/MCStation-HEAD/core/mc_server.py   MCStation(Download)
import shlex, subprocess        # for running cli commands
from datetime import datetime   # for parsing dates in logs
import mapper, mailer           # for running map generation and mailing
import socket                   # for networking the server
import threading                # for server threading

src/m/i/minidns-HEAD/minidns/dns.py   minidns(Download)
from twisted.python.util import switchUID
import mapper
def _getsubdomain(name, domain):

src/p/y/PyImp-HEAD/learn_gest.py   PyImp(Download)
from pybrain.supervised.trainers import BackpropTrainer
from pybrain.tools.shortcuts import buildNetwork
from pybrain.datasets import SupervisedDataSet
import mapper
import Tkinter