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TEST.STDLIB.MAPPING_TESTLIB.PY -- utility module for common 'abstract' mapping object tests
Copyright (C) 2008-2013 by Peter A. Donis

Released under the GNU General Public License, Version 2
See the LICENSE and README files for more information

This module contains common code for the 'abstract mapping' types in
plib.stdlib. Code is taken from the mapping_test module in the Python test
package; however, not all of the 'standard' mapping type tests are
implemented, only those which test 'generic' behaviors that are emulated(more...)

src/p/l/plib-0.8.9/plib/test/stdlib/test_basemapping.py   plib(Download)
from plib.stdlib.coll import basemapping
import mapping_testlib

src/p/l/plib-0.8.9/plib/test/stdlib/test_basekeyed.py   plib(Download)
from plib.stdlib.coll import basekeyed
import mapping_testlib

src/p/l/plib-0.8.9/plib/test/stdlib/test_basedict.py   plib(Download)
from plib.stdlib.coll import basedict
import mapping_testlib

src/p/l/plib-0.8.9/plib/test/stdlib/test_abstractmapping.py   plib(Download)
from plib.stdlib.coll import abstractmapping
import mapping_testlib

src/p/l/plib-0.8.9/plib/test/stdlib/test_abstractkeyed.py   plib(Download)
from plib.stdlib.coll import abstractkeyed
import mapping_testlib

src/p/l/plib-0.8.9/plib/test/stdlib/test_abstractdict.py   plib(Download)
from plib.stdlib.coll import abstractdict
import mapping_testlib