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:mod:`marc21_facets` is a module for extracting facets for the MARCR datastore
from MARC21 records. This code is derived from the Discovery Aristotle
project's marc parser.

src/a/r/aristotle-library-apps-HEAD/bibframe/ingesters/__init__.py   aristotle-library-apps(Download)
from aristotle.settings import PROJECT_HOME
from title_search.redis_helpers import generate_title_app,search_title
import marc21_facets
from MARC21 import MARC21toBIBFRAME
from lxml import etree

src/a/r/aristotle-library-apps-HEAD/bibframe/ingesters/MARC21.py   aristotle-library-apps(Download)
import logging
import json
import marc21_facets
import os
import pymarc