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MataNui is intending to provide a data serving platform for the Grid that
can replicate between various sites, store/query arbitrary amounts of
meta-data, and is interfaced with a RESTful web service. The concept also
allows for an alternative server front end using the Griffin GridFTP server.
The concept is (initially) based on storing all data/meta-data in the GridFS
mode of the MongoDB NoSQL database. This code consists of a WSGI based
RESTful web service that interfaces directly with the MongoDB, and can be
used together with Apache and mod_wsgi.

The MataNui project is resulting from the ambitions of the New Zealand(more...)

src/m/a/matanui-0.1.0/matanui/operations.py   matanui(Download)
import pprint
import matanui
from matanui import config
from matanui import exceptions

src/m/a/matanui-0.1.0/setup.py   matanui(Download)
import sys
import matanui