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src/m/a/max-3.6/max/rest/admin/contexts.py   max(Download)
def getContexts(context, request):
    mmdb = MADMaxDB(context.db)
    found_contexts = mmdb.contexts.search({}, flatten=1, **searchParams(request))

src/m/a/max-3.6/max/rest/activities.py   max(Download)
    # search all contexts with public read permissions within url
    query = {'permissions.read': 'public', 'url': url_regex}
    public = [result.url for result in mmdb.contexts.search(query, show_fields=['url'])]
    query = {}                                                     # Search

src/m/a/max-3.6/max/rest/contexts.py   max(Download)
    mmdb = MADMaxDB(context.db)
    found_contexts = mmdb.contexts.search({'permissions.subscribe': 'public'}, **searchParams(request))
    handler = JSONResourceRoot(flatten(found_contexts, squash=['owner', 'creator', 'pubished']))