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src/m/a/max-3.6/max/MADObjects.py   max(Download)
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from max.rest.utils import extractPostData, flatten, RUDict
from max.exceptions import MissingField, ObjectNotSupported, DuplicatedItemError, ValidationError
from bson import ObjectId
import datetime
    def fromRequest(self, request, rest_params={}):
    def getMutablePropertiesFromRequest(self, request, mutable_permission='operations_mutable'):
        params = extractPostData(request)
        allowed_fields = [fieldName for fieldName in self.schema if self.schema[fieldName].get(mutable_permission, 0)]

src/m/a/max-3.6/max/rest/admin/contexts.py   max(Download)
from max.MADMax import MADMaxDB, MADMaxCollection
from max.models import Context
from max.rest.utils import searchParams, extractPostData
from max.exceptions import InvalidPermission, Unauthorized, ObjectNotFound, ValidationError
from max.rest.ResourceHandlers import JSONResourceEntity, JSONResourceRoot
def updateContextTags(context, request):
    chash = request.matchdict['hash']
    tags = extractPostData(request)

src/m/a/max-3.6/max/rest/conversations.py   max(Download)
from max.rest.ResourceHandlers import JSONResourceRoot, JSONResourceEntity
from max.rest.utils import extractPostData
from max.rabbitmq.notifications import messageNotification
from max.rabbitmq.notifications import addConversationExchange
    # We are forced the check and extract the context of the conversation here,
    # We can't initialize the activity first, because it would fail (chiken-egg stuff)
    data = extractPostData(request)
    ctxts = data.get('contexts', [])
    if len(ctxts) == 0: