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src/p/i/PipelineConstructionSet-HEAD/maya/plugins/2014/win64/AM_Ribbon.py   PipelineConstructionSet(Download)
        self.__uvPinArg = None  # uv pinning location
        self.__dagModify = OM.MDagModifier()  # Dag modifier used to create new shapes/transforms
        self.__dgModify = OM.MDGModifier()  # DG modifier used to create and modify new ribbon nodes
    def redoIt(self):
        # clear out the modifiers to they don't store old object names
        self.__dagModify = OM.MDagModifier()
        self.__dgModify = OM.MDGModifier()

src/p/i/PipelineConstructionSet-HEAD/maya/plugins/2014/win64/AM_InsertParentsCmd.py   PipelineConstructionSet(Download)
        self.__pickedObjects = OM.MDagPathArray()  # all valid transform nodes in the selection
        self.__newLocators = OM.MDagPathArray()  # any new locators created by the command
        self.__dagModify = OM.MDagModifier()  # modifier to create and modify the new nodes
    def validateAffix(self, affix):
        self.__newLocators = OM.MDagPathArray()
        self.__pickedObjects = OM.MDagPathArray()
        self.__dagModify = OM.MDagModifier()
        # iterate through the list of selected transform nodes and create a locator for each one

src/m/r/mrv-1-1.0.3-stable/mrv/maya/nt/base.py   MRV(Download)
		if parentnode or actualtype == "transform" or (is_last_iteration and is_transform_type):
			if dagmod is None:
				dagmod = api.MDagModifier()
			# create dag node
			except RuntimeError:
				if dagmod is None:
					dagmod = api.MDagModifier()
				mod = dagmod
				# even though it could be a transform derived type which can be 

src/m/r/mrv-1-1.0.3-stable/mrv/maya/mdb.py   MRV(Download)
		return (obj, mod)
	except RuntimeError:
		mod = api.MDagModifier()
		tmpparent = mod.createNode("transform")
		obj = mod.createNode(nodetype, tmpparent)

src/m/r/mrv-1-1.0.3-stable/mrv/maya/nt/__init__.py   MRV(Download)
		# register types in the system if possible
		dgmod = api.MDGModifier()
		dagmod = api.MDagModifier()
		transobj = None