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src/p/i/PipelineConstructionSet-HEAD/maya/plugins/2014/win64/AM_Ribbon.py   PipelineConstructionSet(Download)
            curve = OM.MDagPath()
            while not iter.isDone():
                if not curve.isValid():  # ignore everything beyond the first valid hit
                    OM.MDagPath.getAPathTo(iter.currentItem(), curve)
            if curve.isValid():
                    pathToCurve = OM.MDagPath()
                    while not iter.isDone():
                        if not pathToCurve.isValid():  # stop at the first one we find
                            OM.MDagPath.getAPathTo(iter.currentItem(), pathToCurve)
                    if pathToCurve.isValid():
            # connect the curve to the ribbon node if specified
            if pathToCurve.isValid():
                self.__dgModify.commandToExecute('connectAttr -f %s.worldSpace[0] %s.%s' % (

src/n/g/ngSkinTools-HEAD/ngSkinTools/python/ngSkinTools/utils.py   ngSkinTools(Download)
        if not result.isValid():
            raise MessageException("node %s does not exist" % nodeName) 
        return result