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src/p/i/PipelineConstructionSet-HEAD/maya/plugins/2014/win64/AM_Ribbon.py   PipelineConstructionSet(Download)
            # width of the ribbon in centimeters
            dataHandle = OM.MDataHandle(dataBlock.inputValue(AM_RibbonsNode.inputWidth))
            width = dataHandle.asDouble()
            # number of divisions along the ribbon
            dataHandle = OM.MDataHandle(dataBlock.inputValue(AM_RibbonsNode.inputDivisions))
            # amount of taper at the far end of the ribbon
            dataHandle = OM.MDataHandle(dataBlock.inputValue(AM_RibbonsNode.inputTaper))
            taper = dataHandle.asDouble()
            # amount of twisting of the ribbon at its base
            dataHandle = OM.MDataHandle(dataBlock.inputValue(AM_RibbonsNode.inputTwistBase))
            twistBase = dataHandle.asDouble()
            # amount of twisting of the ribbon at its far end
            dataHandle = OM.MDataHandle(dataBlock.inputValue(AM_RibbonsNode.inputTwistLength))
            twistLength = dataHandle.asDouble()
            # scale factor applied to the default uv layout
            dataHandle = OM.MDataHandle(dataBlock.inputValue(AM_RibbonsNode.inputUVScale))
            uvScale = dataHandle.asDouble()
            # pin location for the default uv layout
            dataHandle = OM.MDataHandle(dataBlock.inputValue(AM_RibbonsNode.inputUVPin))