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src/p/i/PipelineConstructionSet-HEAD/python/maya/site-packages/pymel-1.0.5/extras/completion/py/pymel/core/datatypes.py   PipelineConstructionSet(Download)
from pymel.util.arrays import _toCompOrArrayInstance
from maya.OpenMaya import MQuaternion as _MQuaternion
from maya.OpenMaya import MFloatMatrix as _MFloatMatrix
from maya.OpenMaya import MEulerRotation as _MEulerRotation
from maya.OpenMaya import MSpace as _MSpace
class FloatMatrix(Matrix, _MFloatMatrix):
    A 4x4 matrix class that wraps Maya's api FloatMatrix class,
    It behaves identically to Matrix, but it also derives from api's FloatMatrix
    to keep api methods happy

src/m/r/mrv-1-1.0.3-stable/mrv/maya/nt/apipatch.py   MRV(Download)
class MFloatMatrix( api.MFloatMatrix, PatchMatrix ):
	_length =4
	scriptutil = api.MScriptUtil.getFloatArrayItem
class MTransformationMatrix( api.MTransformationMatrix, PatchMatrix ):