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Analyzer for iPhone backup made by Apple iTunes

(C)opyright 2010 Mario Piccinelli <mario.piccinelli@gmail.com>
Released under MIT licence

Functions to decode MBDB and MBDX files have been derived from the work of:
- David Drysdale <dmd@lurklurk.org>
- Markus Stenberg <fingon@iki.fi>
- http://code.google.com/p/iphonebackupbrowser/

src/i/p/iPhone-Backup-Analyzer-2-HEAD/main.py   iPhone-Backup-Analyzer-2(Download)
import sys, sqlite3, datetime, os, hashlib, shutil, zipfile, collections, posixpath
import mbdbdecoding, plistutils, magic, traceback
# homemade library to build html reports

src/i/p/iPhone-Backup-Analyzer-HEAD/main.py   iPhone-Backup-Analyzer(Download)
import magic
# mbdbdecoding.py - functions to decode iPhone backup manifest files
import mbdbdecoding
# plistutils.py - generic functions to handle plist files
import plistutils