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A collection of :class:`.Table` objects and their associated schema

Holds a collection of :class:`.Table` objects as well as
an optional binding to an :class:`.Engine` or
:class:`.Connection`.  If bound, the :class:`.Table` objects
in the collection and their columns may participate in implicit SQL

The :class:`.Table` objects themselves are stored in the(more...)

src/m/d/mdemos.server-1.0.1dev/mdemos/server/model/auth.py   mdemos.server(Download)
from sqlalchemy.orm import relation, synonym
from mdemos.server.model import DeclarativeBase, metadata, DBSession
__all__ = ['User', 'Group', 'Permission']

src/m/d/mdemos.server-1.0.1dev/mdemos/server/controllers/root.py   mdemos.server(Download)
from mdemos.server.lib.base import BaseController
from mdemos.server.model import DBSession, metadata
from mdemos.server import model