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src/p/y/PyMVPA-HEAD/doc/examples/mdp_mnist.py   PyMVPA(Download)
import numpy as np
import mdp
class DigitsIterator:

src/c/o/codemaker-HEAD/examples/unroll_swissroll.py   codemaker(Download)
    import mdp
except ImportError:
    mdp = None

src/m/d/mdp-toolkit-HEAD/mdp/utils/__init__.py   mdp-toolkit(Download)
from _symeig import SymeigException
import mdp as _mdp
# matrix multiplication function
# we use an alias to be able to use the wrapper for the 'gemm' Lapack

src/m/d/mdp-toolkit-HEAD/mdp/utils/_symeig.py   mdp-toolkit(Download)
import mdp
from mdp import numx, numx_linalg
class SymeigException(mdp.MDPException):

src/m/d/mdp-toolkit-HEAD/mdp/utils/routines.py   mdp-toolkit(Download)
import mdp
# import numeric module (scipy, Numeric or numarray)
numx, numx_rand, numx_linalg  = mdp.numx, mdp.numx_rand, mdp.numx_linalg
numx_description = mdp.numx_description

src/m/d/mdp-toolkit-HEAD/mdp/utils/quad_forms.py   mdp-toolkit(Download)
import mdp
from routines import refcast
numx = mdp.numx
numx_linalg = mdp.numx_linalg

src/m/d/mdp-toolkit-HEAD/mdp/utils/progress_bar.py   mdp-toolkit(Download)
if __name__ == '__main__':
    #import random
    import mdp
    import tempfile
    print 'Testing progressinfo...'

src/m/d/mdp-toolkit-HEAD/mdp/utils/introspection.py   mdp-toolkit(Download)
import types
import cPickle
import mdp
class _Walk(object):

src/m/d/mdp-toolkit-HEAD/mdp/utils/covariance.py   mdp-toolkit(Download)
import mdp
import warnings
# import numeric module (scipy, Numeric or numarray)
numx = mdp.numx

src/m/d/mdp-toolkit-HEAD/mdp/parallel/scheduling.py   mdp-toolkit(Download)
    def __call__(self, data):
        """Ignore input data and return mdp.info()"""
        import mdp
        return mdp.config.info()

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