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src/e/m/emusic-0.6a/emusic.py   emusic(Download)
import mechanoid
import BeautifulSoup
import os
import time
import re

src/m/e/mechanoid-0.6.9/test/test_mechanoid.py   mechanoid(Download)
from mechanoid.misc.Request import Request
import mechanoid, mechanoid.misc.Errors
class MockMethod:
	def test_encoding(self):
		import mechanoid
		from StringIO import StringIO
		import urllib, mimetools
		# always take first encoding, since that's the one
	def test_history(self):
		import mechanoid
		b = TestBrowser()
		b.add_handler(MockHandler([("http_open", None)]))
		r1 = b.open("http://example.com/")
	def test_empty(self):
		import mechanoid
		url = "http://example.com/"
		b = TestBrowser()
	def test_forms(self):
		import mechanoid
		url = "http://example.com"
		b = TestBrowser()