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defaultdict(default_factory) --> dict with default factory

The default factory is called without arguments to produce
a new value when a key is not present, in __getitem__ only.
A defaultdict compares equal to a dict with the same items.

src/m/e/mediadrop-HEAD/mediadrop/lib/storage/api.py   mediadrop(Download)
from urllib2 import URLError, urlopen
from mediadrop.lib.compat import defaultdict, SEEK_END
from mediadrop.lib.decorators import memoize
from mediadrop.lib.filetypes import guess_container_format, guess_media_type
    # Partial ordering of engine classes, keys come before values.
    edges = defaultdict(set)
    # Collection of engine instances grouped by their class.
    engine_objs = defaultdict(set)

src/m/e/mediadrop-HEAD/mediadrop/plugin/abc.py   mediadrop(Download)
from itertools import chain
from mediadrop.lib.compat import defaultdict
class AbstractMetaClass(type):
    _registry = defaultdict(list)
    _abstracts = {}
    _observers = {}

src/m/e/mediadrop-HEAD/mediadrop/model/categories.py   mediadrop(Download)
from sqlalchemy.orm.attributes import set_committed_value
from mediadrop.lib.compat import defaultdict
from mediadrop.model import get_available_slug, SLUG_LENGTH, slugify
from mediadrop.model.meta import DBSession, metadata
    children = defaultdict(CategoryList)
    for cat in cats: