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src/m/e/mediadrop-HEAD/mediadrop/model/media.py   mediadrop(Download)
from mediadrop.lib.compat import any
from mediadrop.lib.filetypes import AUDIO, AUDIO_DESC, VIDEO, guess_mimetype
from mediadrop.lib.players import pick_any_media_file, pick_podcast_media_file
from mediadrop.lib.util import calculate_popularity
from mediadrop.lib.xhtml import line_break_xhtml, strip_xhtml
        # Test to see if we can find a workable file/player combination
        # for the browser w/ the BEST format support
        if not pick_any_media_file(self):
            return False
        return True

src/m/e/mediadrop-HEAD/mediadrop/lib/helpers.py   mediadrop(Download)
from mediadrop.lib.i18n import (N_, _, format_date, format_datetime, 
    format_decimal, format_time)
from mediadrop.lib.players import (embed_player, embed_iframe, media_player,
    pick_any_media_file, pick_podcast_media_file)
from mediadrop.lib.thumbnails import thumb, thumb_url