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Add a linebreak after block-level tags are closed.

:type string: unicode
:rtype: unicode

        def line_break_xhtml(string):
    """Add a linebreak after block-level tags are closed.

    :type string: unicode
    :rtype: unicode
    if string:
        string = block_close.sub(u"\\1\n", string).rstrip()
    return string

src/m/e/mediadrop-HEAD/mediadrop/model/media.py   mediadrop(Download)
from mediadrop.lib.players import pick_any_media_file, pick_podcast_media_file
from mediadrop.lib.util import calculate_popularity
from mediadrop.lib.xhtml import line_break_xhtml, strip_xhtml
from mediadrop.model import (get_available_slug, SLUG_LENGTH, 
    _mtm_count_property, _properties_dict_from_labels, MatchAgainstClause)
    def _validate_description(self, key, value):
        self.description_plain = line_break_xhtml(
        return value

src/m/e/mediadrop-HEAD/mediadrop/forms/__init__.py   mediadrop(Download)
from mediadrop.lib.i18n import N_, _
from mediadrop.lib.xhtml import clean_xhtml, decode_entities, line_break_xhtml
from mediadrop.lib.templating import tmpl_globals
from mediadrop.lib.util import url_for
            value = _(value)
            value = line_break_xhtml(value)
        # Enable the rich text editor, if dictated by the settings:

src/m/e/mediadrop-HEAD/mediadrop/lib/helpers.py   mediadrop(Download)
from mediadrop.lib.util import (current_url, delete_files, merge_dicts, 
    redirect, url, url_for, url_for_media)
from mediadrop.lib.xhtml import (clean_xhtml, decode_entities, encode_entities,
    excerpt_xhtml, line_break_xhtml, list_acceptable_xhtml, strip_xhtml,